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Introduce the World’s Top Software Teams to AI/ML

This is a project-based, part-time role involving the curation of content for one or several of our conferences. The majority of the work falls within the 4 months leading up to a conference. During those 4 months, it will require 10 to 20 hours per week.

Your WHY’s:

  • Participate in committees of movers and shakers that are passionate about AI/ML.
  • Creating experiences that will make a difference for thousands of software developers per year.
  • Interacting and forging relationships with some of the greatest minds in software development.
  • Learning, staying on the cutting edge, and being a part of driving innovation in software development - software is changing the world!

WE are an applied AI/ML software development conference focusing on bringing together teams to discover emerging AI/ML trends, essential tools, and learnings to validate their software roadmap. Our work ethic centers around accountability, integrity, mastery, service, and transparency -- the core values of QCon / C4Media. We inspire and empower our attendees to keep growing, searching, and learning.

YOU are an AI/ML Developer, Data Engineer, Architect, or Developer, who has a broad understanding of AI/ML, has experience working with large groups, and wants to make a difference for the software development community.

The MISSION of this position is to create a conference that will help attendees discover real-world practices and use-cases for AI/ML in software development.

Benefits for attendees include:

  • Learning from speakers driving innovation and change in AI/ML.
  • Identifying best practices from those working on in-production projects.
  • Uncovering emerging trends and tools.
  • Focusing on patterns & practices, not products or pitches.
  • Acquiring implementable ideas for your projects.
  • Meeting AI/ML leaders from innovator and early-adopter companies.
  • Validating their AI/ML roadmap.
  • Focusing on software engineering rather than data science.


  • Maintain the content vision of the conference.
  • Source 10-20% of presentation speakers and content.
  • Own the selection of keynotes, speakers, and track hosts.
  • Ideate and execute on content-specific improvements.
  • Align with committee on blueprints, negotiate changes with the Content Product Manager (CPM).
  • Execute committee processes with the help of the CPM.
  • Execute on the conference blueprints as trained by the CPM.
  • Interview 20 of the speakers combined from "rising stars" and thought leaders.
  • Workshops: drive ideation for workshops with committee.
  • Communicate ongoing new marketing narratives up to the CPM and Marketing team.


  • Expert in the fields of AI/ML and Data Engineering.
  • Extensive network of other professionals and speakers in these fields.
  • Servant leader.
  • Coach and mentor.
  • Self-motivated and self-managing.
  • Excellent communicator.

To be considered you must:

  • Have the ability to attend regular stand up calls and status meetings via video conference.
  • Be self-motivated and self-disciplined in order to thrive in a remote and dynamic environment.
  • Be able to travel internationally once per year for 3-4 days.

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