Conference Chair & Community Advocate (Remote & Full-time)

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Enable Change & Innovation in the Software Development Community

A rare opportunity to leave your creative mark on a global, highly successful company. Help us design, shape and grow our industry-leading brands which are a top-ranked global website and a conference series on 4 continents, serving over 5000 attendees per year.

WE are a practitioner driven conference focused on facilitating the spread of knowledge and innovation in the developer community. Our work ethic centers around accountability, integrity, mastery, service, and transparency-the core values of QCon/C4Media. We inspire and empower our attendees to keep growing, searching, and learning.

YOU are a technical evangelist, a community advocate, a conference or user group leader, who has experience working with or organizing large groups, and wants to make a difference for the software development community.

The MISSION of this position is to create QCon conferences that will inspire attendees to drive change and innovation within their software projects by providing the “undifferentiated heavy lifting” to content teams, committees of experts and speakers to curate the most important talks an attendee could attend, you can have a real impact on the software development community.

Your WHYs

  • Enable change & innovation in the software development community!
  • Facilitate self-organizing, high-performance teams that make you happy. Work with committees of movers and shakers that are passionate about QCon’s mission by being a part of an energetic, supportive, and fun team.
  • Create experiences that will make a difference for more than 5,000 software developers per year.
  • Interact and forge relationships with some of the greatest minds in software development.
  • Learn, stay on the edge, and drive innovation in software development. Software is changing the world!


  • Join an amazing global team of highly motivated individuals with diverse skills and backgrounds from Canada, Romania, USA, China, Brazil, UK, Greece, and Argentina.
  • Work remote from anywhere, 100% of staff work from home. The - teams are spread across 4 continents and have a great company culture! Your home base can be anywhere on the east side of the US (Midwest or East Coast), or Canada (Midwest, Toronto or Montreal). This position specifically works with a team centred around West Europe and Eastern North American, making the other time zones a bit difficult to accommodate.
  • Report directly to the President of QCon / C4Media.
  • Competitive salary and benefits package. We provide up to 30 paid-days off per calendar year after the first year with us (or 25 days in the first year).
  • Keep Learning. We offer reimbursement for continued growth and mastery of competencies related to your career path.
  • Annual travel (approx 4-6 times per year, each time with a 4 to 8 day duration) to NYC, SF, London, and other global locations for conferences and team building.
  • The Annual Company Meeting: Visit a new country every year with your colleagues.


  • Maintain overall product vision for QCon events and new vertical events.
  • Select & maintain relationships with Chairs.
  • Maintain events product improvement backlog. Drive experiential improvements by having conversations with attendees to learn their needs. Ensure narratives are being reflected in the marketing teams’ work.
  • Own blueprint and alignment with Conference Chairs and negotiate content design plans or changes with internal C4Mdia staff.
  • Manage internal and external stakeholder alignment around new product development.
  • Set timelines for each conference, based on content plan and current reality.
  • Own the conference chairing process as a product. Select and train the Conference Chairs with committee facilitation, ensuring committee process is executing as per best practices.
  • Own speaker process end-to-end, perform all interviews not done by Conference Chairs or hire to delegate the interview process, own speaker webinars, provide rehearsal processes, and any other speaker training processes.
  • Own workshop process and supervise the Junior Product Managers who executed workshops.


  • World-class Product Manager - Understand the current product strategy and how it aligns with the overall company strategy; should be able to tell what makes one product loved by customer and the other not; has deep empathy for the core customer; aspires to build great attendee/speaker experiences; has the ability to map the product strategy down to the individual features, and prioritize them in the right order across phases and resources.
  • Servant Leader. Embody and model C4Media’s core values through effective communication and coaching; be willing to jump in and do what needs to be done; build a positive and self-organizing team spirit; put success of the team above one’s own interests; build group commitment around realistic goals and objectives in line with the company vision; accept and offer constructive feedback; give appropriate recognition to others; exhibit objectivity and openness to others’ views.
  • Coach & Mentor. Empower, inspire and motivate others to perform well; commit to employee growth and development; convey knowledge to employees in an effort to increase skill sets and foster confident and high-performing teams; help employees prioritize and plan work activities, schedules, and tasks; maintain a high level of conscientiousness emotional intelligence.
  • Currently Technical. Stay up to date and actively follow major technical trends.
  • Self-Motivated & Self-Managing. Be able to work independently in C4Media’s high-freedom virtual environment and take on a proactive rather than reactive methodology of handling projects.
  • People Person. You enjoy team facilitation and synergy; embrace diversity and encourage employees to appreciate the variety of opinions, input, and understand what these differences provide.
  • Service-Oriented. You are inspired and take joy in building a product or service that people will LOVE.
  • Excellent Communicator. You are cautious in setting expectations rather than making assumptions; keep the team informed about plan progress and changes; place a high emphasis on excellence in all forms of communication; convey ideas and facilitate conversations well through both oral and written avenues.

To be considered you must

  • Have the ability to attend weekly stand up calls and status meetings via video conference.
  • Have a home office or similar arrangement from where you can work on a daily basis with a reliable internet connection (>6mbps).
  • Be self-motivated and self-disciplined in order to thrive in a remote and dynamic environment.
  • Be able to travel internationally 4-6 times per year - each time with a 4 to 8 day duration.
  • Be based somewhere in US (Midwest or East Coast), or Canada (Midwest, Toronto or Montreal).

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